ME-7074 Finger-tip Pulse Oximeter

The fingertip pulse oximeter can be used to measure human Hemoglobin Saturation and heart beat through finger. The product is suitable for use in family, hospital (including clinical use in internist/surgery, Anesthesia, pediatrics, intensive care and etc.), Oxygen Bar, social medical organizations, physical care in sports (It can be used before or after sports. Continually monitoring is not recommended).
. Operation is simple and convenient
. Small in volume, light in weight (total weight is about 50g including batteries) and convenient in carrying
. Power consumption is low and the two originally-equipped 2 AAA batteries can be operated continuously for 30 hours
. Low voltage warning will be indicated in visual window when battery voltage is so low that normal operation of the Oximeter might be influenced
. The product will automatically be powered off
Technical data:
. Display format: LED(ME-7074A), OLED(ME-7074B)
. SPO2: 3599% in 2-digit 7-segment digital
. Pulse rate: 30240 BPM in 3-digit 7-digital
. Pulse Wave: 6-segment bargraph
. Battery Voltage Low Indication: LED signals (ME-7074A), OLED signals(ME-7074B)
. Power Requirements: 2AAA size 1.5V Alkine Battery
. Power Consumption: less than 40mA
. Resolution: ±1% for SPO2 and ±1 BPM for pulse rate
. Measurement Accuracy: ±2% in stage of 70%-99% SPO2 and meaningless when stage being smaller than 70%, ±2% BPM for Pulse rate
. Measurement Performance in Weak Filling Condition: Oxyhemoglobin and pulse rate can be shown correctly when pulse-filling ratio is 0.5%
. Interference Resistance Capacity against Ambient Light: Deviation is smaller than ±1% between value of Oxyhemoglobin measured in natural lighting indoor condition and present lighting sources and that measured in dark room
. It is equipped with a function switch, through which the Oximeter can be automatically powered off when no finger is in the Oximeter more than 8 seconds

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